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Från och med 1 januari 2022 kommer jag endast att ta emot för privatsittningar 

I mitt privata hem har jag ett annat Leksandrum där jag tar emot för privatsittningar

 Jag ger inte längre storseanser.
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Välkommen till Leksandrum!

Certifierat spiritualistiskt medium


Innehar F-skattsedel


Trance can be

  • an enhancement to your mediumship
  • deepening your link with spirit
  • stillness
  • attunement
  • inspiration
  • information about yourself
  • altered state of consciousness
  • blissful
  • healthy
  • addictive

Mrs Moira Hawkins CSNU and teacher at the Arthur Findlay Centre provides various exercises on how to work with attunement and inspiration.

Remember that it is always you and you only who is in charge. You can always practice trance on your own and come back whenever you want to. Entering an altered state of consciousness is a kind of a deeper form of meditation and it refines the experience where a lot of knowledge lies hidden.

Moira is a lovely and skillful teacher and she is coming back to Leksand on request. Welcome you too!

Moira also gives private readings and you can choose from a clairvoyant reading or a trance reading. For the participants of the course Moira provides assessments.










Thank you once again Moira Hawkins for sharing your knowledge and philosophy ! Your workshop in Leksand was absolutely fabulous and and everyone could feel your desire to share with others what you know. Everyone got new tools, more self conficende and a desire to learn even more from you. Everybody was excited about the weekend and went home knowing how much there is to explore when you know how to. Welcome back Moira for your next workshop  the summer work shop in July 2018

Tack Moira Haskinsför att du delar med dig av din kunskap och filosofi! Kursen var helt fantastisk och alla kände din vilja att dela med dig av din kunskap.Alla fick nya verktyg, större självförtroende och en vilja att  läa sig mer av dig. Alla var upprymdaa efter helgkursen och åkte hem i vetskap om hur mycket det finns att utforska bara man vet hur man gör. Välkommen tillbaka Moira i juli 2018  för sommarkursen! 


 Trance is

  • enhancing your mediumship/deepening your link o the spirit world
  • tranquility
  • attunement
  • inspirational
  • information about yourself
  • altered state of consciousness
  • fabulous
  • healthy
  • addictive

Moira Hawkins, CSNUt, much appreciated teacher,  will show you various exercises to take you to an altered state of consciousness and also how to work with attunement. There will also be inspirational exercises of different kinds.

Remember that is you and only you who is in control. You can always practice trance on your own and be able to come back whenever you decide to. Enetering an altered state is more like a deeper meditation and refines the experience where lots o can lie hidden.

Moira is a humble and skilled teacher who sees each and every sudent and their development and she is coming back to Leksand on request. You are also welcome to join in!

You can also take the opportunity of having a private reading with Moira. Choose from a trannce or a clairvoyant reading.